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For Athletic event times/dates, please see our calendar here

Click Here for Parent Athletic Handbook & Forms

IMPORTANT: Before a student can participate in upcoming sports, a physical dated after April 15, 2016 must be on file in the main office. Parent signature and cleared by a physician are also required.

When attending athletic events, please remember to do the following:

1.Home games: Take your books and coats with you to the game as you will not be able to get back to your lockers during or after the game.

2.Watch the game.  Snacks and bathroom breaks should be taken between quarters and half-time. Going back and forth in the bleachers is disruptive to the rest of the fans and spectators.

3.When exiting the gym, be sure to do so when the game is not being played, such as dead ball or between quarters. Please stay off the playing court.

4. Give respect to others.

5. During the National Anthem you should stand and show respect.

6.Pick up and throw away trash left over from your snacks. Having snacks in the gym is a privilege, and if trash is left behind, there will be no snacks in the future.

7. Enjoy the game.  GO LUMBERJACKS!!